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hey friends, i'm ree and this is my blog. in it you'll find lots of fandoms and whatever else i'm in the mood for. i love music, and i sing and play guitar and percussion. i also like to write. click right up there to talk to me, and enjoy your stay on my blog! ^u^ tracking whatwouldjedido



and it’s two, from “If you’ve never had a new year’s kiss”

which makes me feel strange

Because on the one hand, it seems kind of sad that you haven’t had a new year’s kiss and such because society makes them out to be quite important

but on the other hand

I am fourteen

And one reblog was also…

Congratz on the plan making! That is always fun.  Except for me.  when I ask people to dance at grad and they say they can’t because the person they fancy is right ‘there’ and yeah.  Wow rejection (y). Since then I haven’t really even tried to like. make plans or shit.  or like idek.  relationships sound like work. my life is soooo busy as it is.  :)


and here is a reblog! MORE REBLOGS FOR YOU

Thanks for the reblogs :) I’ve never actually KISSED, I mean on the cheek in 8th grade probz doesn’t count, but yeah, relationships take some work. But asking people to dance takes GUTS, so congrats on that front. Also, my “plans” are more like pipe dreams, because he doesn’t know about them…. =/ but it’s always worth a shot, right? Ah well, come what may. 

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