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My day is ruined.

I hate straight people.

Disgusting. How do people not realize that EVERY FUCKING DAY is a straight day? We’re already a majority, and we already fuck over LGBT+ people all the time. STOP TRYING TO USE YOUR PRIVILEGE TO TAKE OVER MORE RESOURCES, ASSHOLES.

what the fuck….like we need people to hear us talk about how straight the world is…its not like THATS THE ONLY THING IN THE MEDIA OR ANYTHING

like wtf.

Why did you have to say you hate straight people? I mean I know some people who are conservative and quite unreasonable, but I know some nice ones too, so I don’t just say I hate Republicans. You can’t just say all straight people are idiots here.

Furthermore, while I don’t really agree with flaunting your pride in who you are, it’s okay to have it. You can’t help who you are so you might as well be happy with it and proud of it. But for some reason it’s offensive when a majority has pride?

Don’t think I’m anti-gay or anything- I’m cool with people as long as they’re good, nice people. Their race or orientation does not decide that. But I think it’s kind of a double standard that if I say I’m straight and okay with that, people automatically assume that I hate homosexuals. Which I don’t I SWEAR but it would seem that way. 

Can we just find a way to all get along? Probably not, because I swear if we had a Human Awareness Month somebody would get mad and say “Oh, so you hate animals? Why is it okay to be human, but not a dog or a bear? Just because you’re a majority doesn’t mean you can use your privileges for more power!”

Seriously, guys. We’re all people. It doesn’t matter. You are you. Be okay with who you are. Be happy. Be proud. And don’t be upset with other people because they are happy with themselves. 

I probably come off sounding like a total asshat here, and I apologize. I just wanted to say something. Sorry for the long text-post rant, guys.

P.S. Are we sure this whole thing isn’t just a joke? It looks a lot like a joke to me.